Another mural for the Childrens Museum in Everett WA


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I just recently got back from Everett WA where I did several more murals in their birthday party room.  I was the original muralist who did the old murals in that room with a castle theme.  But since then my skills have grown and developed I was so happy to paint over my old work from several years ago.  This time we went for a park theme with beautiful landscapes including mystical trees with doors and an old weeping willow with a face.  The kids loved it!  I had a lot of fun painting there, its always good to go back and get to enjoy the friendly staff and stay with family and see old friends.  Plus I left the 100 plus temps in AZ and got to enjoy the beautiful 80 degree days along with the views and salty smell of the Puget Sound!!  I would still live there if it wasn’t for the dark days ahead of them, drizzly rain for 9 plus months! 🙂

So I believe I have almost painted all the murals in the museum now.  There is just a few areas left that were original murals done when the museum first opened.  About every September, the director brings me back to do more work!!  Its been a great working relationship with her!  I am very blessed to have got a foot in there several years ago.

On my way home I just missed one of the biggest storms AZ has seen.  It was the first time my kids schools were canceled over rain.  terrible flooding hit the valley.  We have 2 washed that run through our property and one flowed over a bit and we had water flooding our bedroom.  Thank goodness we don’t have carpet!  It dried fairly quick like always in the desert.  But when I got home I saw the aftermath of the storm.  A lot of streets washed over and debris in the roads.

Here are a few images of my murals at the museum!!  Enjoy!